Herbal Medicine

What is herbal medicine?

Herbal medicine is the oldest form of medicine in the world. It is still the primary type of healthcare for around 80% of the global population, and is the basis for a high percentage of drugs used in modern conventional medicine. Herbal medicine uses different parts of plants and trees as the basis for highly effective natural remedies.

Why choose herbal medicine?

Modern herbal medicine draws on thousands of years of knowledge and experience from many different cultures. The herbs used have a long history proving their effectiveness, and herbal medicine as practiced in the UK has an impeccable safety record.
Put simply, herbal medicine is safe, and it works.   

Herbal medicine vs. conventional medicine

BorageConventional medicine as practiced by your doctor is primarily concerned with the direct treatment of symptoms. This is the ideal approach in emergency situations such as heart attacks, strokes, and so on, and conventional medicine excels in these areas.

Herbal medicine primarily works not by the direct treatment of symptoms, but by placing symptoms in the wider context of a patient’s health or illness, understanding why symptoms occur, and aiming treatment at the reasons behind them. Often the herbalist has to work like a detective, tracing back a patient’s history in order to understand why they became ill. Symptoms are viewed rather like the warning lights in a car – they indicate that something is wrong, but are not the source of the problem. This approach is the most suitable for the treatment of long-term, chronic illness.

For example, if a patient with a skin condition such as eczema visited their GP, they might be prescribed some topical steroids to reduce the inflammation. This treatment might work for a while, but if the treatment stopped the eczema would probably come back, and possibly worse than before; the steroids were only a temporary ‘quick fix’. However, if the same patient went to a herbalist, the eczema would be regarded as a sign of a deeper issue which was manifesting on the outside (the skin is an organ of excretion, just like the kidneys and digestive system). Depending on the individual circumstances of the patient, the cause of the eczema could be a problem with the digestive system, liver, kidneys, lungs, lymphatic system, an emotional issue, or a combination of weakness in some of those areas. Herbal treatment would therefore be focused on solving the root cause of the eczema, and on improving the patient’s overall wellbeing.