Below is a selection of testimonials from my patients. The names of some of the people concerned have been changed in order to protect their privacy.

Emotional problems / Hormonal imbalance

I have 3 sessions with Tim and have benefitted tremendously. I just want to thank you for your absolute commitment and total professionalism in helping me overcome my hormone imbalance. Having felt hormonal imbalance for some time during my studies and after, I was in quite a state when I visited you and disillusioned by my local GP who had prescribed me antidepressants and sleeping tablets.

I am very grateful for the herbal medicines, guidance and various reading materials for improving all aspects of my health and well-being. I have left our consultations feeling supported and optimistic and I have found that my physical health and emotional wellbeing have much improved. I highly recommend Tim.

K.K., Scotland

Digestive issues / Asthma

For some years now I have been using a professional herbalist for my primary healthcare. I was delighted to find Tim when I moved from the South of England to the West Coast of Scotland. I have been now working with Tim for 3 years and my husband too has accessed Tim's care. Speaking as a retired health professional (midwife) I have always found Tim to be professional, knowledgeable and compassionate. He provides more than just herbal remedies, being a competent counsellor when required. I have no hesitation in recommending him for treatments for ailments both minor and major eg arthritis - asthma - seasonal bugs etc.

L.G., Scotland


"This last year I developed arthritic pain in my back and bursitis in a hip not long before I was due to go on an adventure trip to India. Mainstream medication plus Leki poles, plus my usual TM practice saw me cope, albeit painfully, with this amazing holiday. On returning home, I almost came to the conclusion that this uncomfortable situation would be the norm from now on. After all, I am in my mid- Seventies and "what else might I expect" - as is often quoted - was constantly on my mind. Therefore it seemed logical to consider long-term pain management.

And then I discovered Tim. This gentle, wise young man has worked holistically with me towards effecting wondrous changes in my mind and body. Using tinctures, making suggestions re diet and being very supportive as I slowly reduced the anti-inflammatories and painkiller dosages. Six months later, I no longer take these or indeed any over-the-counter medication. The Leki poles are for the hills only and I am content to be in my Seventies!"

P.F., Scotland

Diabetes Insipidus

"In June 2015 I became ill with ideopathic Diabetes Insipidus, caused by auto-immune inflammation. I was finally diagnosed in September 2015 and given medication to replace my missing hormone. After talks with my endocrinologist and GP I realised there was no option for treatment, and my health and wellbeing was suffering. Tim offered a more holistic approach. My consultations were done via Skype, so I didn't feel like I was missing a face-to-face appointment. Tim was always relaxed and considered with his advice, and gave me information on dietary changes and lifestyle approaches. These were followed up with a bottle of tincture in the post, and an email with links to supporting documents and feedback consultation notes. My treatment continued over a course of about four months, during which my health, energy levels and sleeping pattern improved, while my medication dose reduced. Highly recommended!"

I.C., England

Emotional difficulties

"Tim is an excellent listener. He's a very kind, calm person, open to share his knowledge and to enable the patient's self-healing process. His empathetic and supportive way of working highlighted my personal part in the healing process. During the sessions with Tim I learned a lot about myself and how important my own attitude towards health really is.

Tim’s remedies were carefully composed and chosen. He introduced me to probiotic food - an amazing thing to explore. I appreciated all the follow-up stuff, the summary and recipes. I got really inspired and am still into it.

I highly recommend Tim and would choose him again in the future."

G.R., Scotland

IBS / Irregular periods / Eczema / Emotional difficulties

“I started being treated by Tim twelve months ago. Initially we met, then phoned and skyped. I came to him with various symptoms after multiple losses, following the grieving process. He worked towards acute, emotional and systemic healing. Over the year Tim was at the end of the phone, great to talk to, shared his wisdom about herbs (which I am curious about) and advised on family health as well as my own - from my daughter’s stye to bathing products. My eczema is as good as gone, my periods regular again and generally I’m more balanced and grounded. He’s a great listener, ego-less and caring.”

R.A., England

Breast Cancer

“Thank you for the help that you gave me to look at treating cancer in a different light as I found treating it with modern medicine a terrible ordeal and something that would have a bad effect on me. With Tim’s help I have learnt how to look after myself a lot better and to look after my immune system which is a vital thing in treating cancer, and also looking at food in a different light too. I would recommend anyone to go and see Tim as he comes across in a wonderful caring way and explains everything so well.”

R.D., Scotland


“Tim had a gentle enquiring approach which allowed me to explore my symptoms/situation without fear of being judged. I was surprised how quickly his treatments started to alleviate the feelings of anxiety I was experiencing which enabled me to deal with social situations I'd previously found very challenging. The 'fog' seemed to lift enough that I was more able to reflect on other changes I needed to make in my life to get beyond the depression. Through Tim's help I've been able to move on to a better place - one where I'm healthier and happier than I've been in 12 years.”

B.N., Bristol


“I’ve always had breathing problems so I went to Tim to see if he could help stop me getting chest infections every time I got a cold, and always needing antibiotics and steroid inhalers. He took my whole medical history before giving me herbs for my lungs and my immune system. Now I no longer get chest infections, and I don’t get colds and flu very often either. I don’t need an inhaler to control my asthma, and I can be more physically active than I ever have before.”

G.K., Scotland

Anxiety / Obsessive thinking

“Tim was the first person I’ve ever felt able to talk to about the anxious feelings and obsessive thoughts that have troubled me ever since I was a child. He allowed me to open up and confront issues that I’d always bottled up. Now I have a much more fulfilling, anxiety free, calm and enjoyable life.”

I.L., Scotland

Period pain

“Every month I suffered from severe stomach cramps and back ache with my period. A course of herbs and I’m now pain free. THANK YOU Tim!”

W.A., Scotland

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (I.B.S.)

“I’ve coped with the symptoms of IBS for years. Speaking to Tim made me realise that there were natural ways to treat this and he has helped me a great deal to overcome my IBS through different herbs. My digestive system is now much calmer, I am able to eat a wider variety of foods without worrying about what effect it will have on me and I no longer experience the stomach pains and cramps.”

P.K., Scotland